Thank you, Occupy Wall Street!

For years and years, I had watched the corporate take-over of our economy, our democracy and our country. I saw it happening, and I voiced my out-rage and watched as my voice crash against the towering mountains of ignorance, apathy, hopelessness and complacency. Of course that was in the Clinton years and then after Bush took office, we had the nationalist-paranoia years. Now that the economy is really, really bad, and we’ve shook off (at least some) of the fascist’s manipulation of fear, people are finally beginning to take notice, and DO SOMETHING about it. Occupy Wall Street has awakened our hearts, our imaginations and our dreams. For the first time in my political life, I feel something like hope. There is still a long way to go. The challenges we face have never been more threatening, but before I move on, I have to say “Thank you! Thank you, Occupy Wall Street! Thank you occupiers everywhere!”


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