The Apocrypha of Genesis: Part 1 REDUX: Is God who we think he is? Or is he a perv?

OK. I have to go back to something touched upon here.

Specifically Gen 2:18-20. Not only does God say “ooops”, but in order to fix it he creates… the animals?

Just picture it…

Adam is lounging around paradise, naked. Alone for like half an eternity and he’s all like “Daaaaaaaa’d! I’m so bored! Make me a companion.”

And God comes in, “what?! what?! you don’t like the things I get for you?!”

“Please. Dad. I’m going to go eat some fruit. You can’t stop me.”

And so God creates all manner of fowl and beast and parades them in front of Adam, trying to placate his son. “See this one?” He does that annoying thing with his eyebrows.

And finally after so many animals have come before him, Adam says… “For the last time Dad! I don’t want to fuck another sheep!”

And thank God right! Cuz then God made woman (Gen 2:21-25). Whew. Thanks Bro!


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